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Hi, @resolve — that is an important aspect of depression–how to support your loved ones in the midst of your own condition. Thinking that @jimhd , @amberpep, @gman007, @alfalfa, @lilmac44 and @peach414144 might have some insights on this.

@resolve — is there anything that has helped you with this thus far?

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I feel horrible about all the extra time, effort, and heartache I have put on my husband and friends. Anxiety and depression we have worked through for years. Adding cancer just upped the ante. I worry about overwhelming him because I know it hurts him to feel helpless when I’m in pain. So this is what I did. I called and talked to several of his good friends, asking that they reach out to me if they thought he was needing extra help. Bless them for stepping up. Then I started a closed group of close friends that I call updates. It simplifies keeping everyone current and gets some lively discussions going when we start flipping each other outlandish ways to cope. But all I have to do with that group is send out an s.os.that hubby needs a boost and he is immediately receiving supportive posts, offers of help and words of encouragement. I truly love my tribe! This virtual tribe has been there for both of us, recognizing when I need pulled up and realizing what great strides our marriage has taken through this process of diagnosis and treatment. The cancer education center has wonderful resources for caregivers and he is open to reading those. So it’s basically boiled down to reaching out. Trust in those you know truly care for you.

Vicky, @vsinn2000

The virtual tribe you described sounds like a band of angels! How great – thanks for sharing your experiences with us.


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