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B-6 vitamin danger!

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I've been dealing with B6 toxicity for 6 months now. Levels were at 190 for a range of 20-125. I was taking a 100 mg supplement for about 2 months when I started noticing tingling in my upper back. I had my B6 levels tested right after I learned about B6 toxicity. The levels came down very quickly but I was left with the same tingling in back and fingers, muscle twitches, joint pain (mostly in fingers), and brain fog with other random symptoms that come and go rather quickly. This has been a nightmare! Has anyone had similar symptoms and improved or found relief? Doctors have not been much help as they don't seem to educated about the effects of B6. I've read most everything I can find on the internet, but stumbled across this thread today. Not even sure if the discussion is still going or if someone can point me to another discussion?

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Hi @moodyfamily6, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. This discussion is still fairly active. If you go to the top below the discussion description and click the Newest to Oldest you will see the newest posts at the top. I don't have B6 toxicity but here is some information that may help.

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B6 section it explains — too much or too little gives neuropathy
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NIH – Nutritional Neuropathies

Vitamin B6 Toxicity Revisited: A Case of Reversible Pyridoxine-associated Neuropathy and Disequilibrium. (P4.021)

Are you still taking any supplements?

Thanks for your post I just joined and figureing out how to move around the site,I have neuropathy also and been bouncing around for 3 years from dr to dr every blood test and invasive procedures, my B6 is 250.0 with a reference range 2.1-21.7 so yes that is very bad

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