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B-6 vitamin danger!

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I'm new to this site…. found it by googling neuropathy. I have always had mild numbness in my toes on both feet, however, it seems to have really escalated in the past 3 months. Had an MRI of lumbar and sacral spine that has not shown any nerve impingement. I have been racking my brain to figure out what I am doing that is different. The only thing I can think of is starting B6 vitamins. My daily dose is about 6-8 MG. Could B6 be the culprit?

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Hello @vcranford — welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. From the research I've done vitamin B6 is different from the other B vitamins in the way the body absorbs and gets rid of it. Too much is definitely a bad thing. Here are a few sites that discuss B6 induced neuropathy.

NIH – Nutritional Neuropathies

Vitamin B6 Toxicity Revisited: A Case of Reversible Pyridoxine-associated Neuropathy and Disequilibrium. (P4.021)

Have you been diagnosed with neuropathy? I have idiopathic small fiber PN with only numbness as a symptom. I went over 20 years before getting a diagnosis, mainly because the doctor told me there's not much they can do. Then I decided to start being my own advocate and research of treatments. Still haven't found much that helps with just numbness.

@vcranford Not likely at that small dose of B6.

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