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Left shoulder pain after eating or drinking

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Hi there! My husband is having a very difficult time with pain. We originally thought it was "sugar-aches" after eating anything with sugar – even natural sugar in fresh fruit. We've been down the food intolerance path, nerve path, sinus surgery, etc. Nothing has helped and in fact is getting worse. Every time he eats anything or drinks anything – including water – he has pain through the neck and shoulder muscles that is just a horrible "ache" if you will. It travels down his arms and sometimes he gets a headache also. I am at my wits end looking for solutions and then I found this page and hope someone else has had similar symptoms and can offer some suggestions. Also, he gets super full of phlegm and is continually coughing and having to spit it out – gross I know, but it's true and it's not like a little, it like the kleenex is heavy and it exhausts him. He had sinus surgery in October 2019 to clean out his sinus cavities and open up some passage ways – he's been on major antibiotics and antibiotic rinses – to no avail. I am not sure if all of this is related and I wasn't sure which group to put all this in – as it could be nerves, ENT, allergies, etc. Any thoughts are welcome and much appreciated during this time of the COVID19 outbreak and other things the world is dealing with . Thank you in advance!

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Hi @kelly0124,
Welcome to Connect. I am sorry that your husband is having a very difficult time with pain. You may notice that I moved your discussion and combined it with this existing discussion on shoulder/neck/arm pain after eating and drinking. I did this as I thought it would be beneficial for you to be introduced to the many members who have discussed in the past much of what your husband is experiencing.
If you click on VIEW & REPLY in your email notification, you will see the whole discussion and can join in, meet, and participate with other members talking about their or their loved ones' experiences. I would like to invite @marlaxyz, @fourof5zs, @cim37343 @ryhughes, @achur4u, @gaileybird1 and @debkl back to the conversation also in case they would like to share any updates to their situations.
Several members have mentioned a timeframe when the pain starts after they have eaten. Does your husband find that the pain starts a certain amount of time after ingesting food or liquid?

@kelly0124 Has your husband gone to a gastroenterologist? Swallowing conditions can cause phlegm accumulations and pains across the breast and down the arm. I have achalasia, Barrett's esophagus and esophageal spasms.. and in 2015 I had open abdominal surgery. I also have a torn labrum of my shoulder. If food stacks into my esophagus or I do a lot of bending or other physical activity I get the pains. Sometimes a low pressure weather front can cause them.

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