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Left shoulder pain after eating or drinking

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I have been scouring the Internet for others with similar strange pains I am having for the last 3 months and this was the closest I have come to it. About 15 to 20 minutes after I eat just abut anything, my chest area right above my sternum tightens (starts with a tickle/cough and gets more severe). This is typically followed by pain in my upper shoulders, lower neck and thoracic back. When it is at its worst the pain radiates down to a specific spot/nerve on my thoracic spine right behind the same area in my upper sternum where I get the chest pain. Thus, it definitely seems as though this is the point where the pain starts. Sometimes, when it is not so bad, I will only feel the pain inbetween my shoulders (typically between both, but sometimes more near either shoulder) and/or neck area. These pains first started about 20 months ago, first with just the chest tightness, but evolved to also include the upper back within a couple months. At the time, I had no idea what it was and had heart, lungs and esophagus all checked out. Nothing showed up on any test except a small hiatial hernia and some signs of acid in my lower esophagus / LES. The first time, it eventually subsided after about 6 months, possibly as my anxiety was reduced from nothing serious coming back on all the various testing combined with a bland diet, use of PPIs, etc. So, from May of 2017 through June of 2018, I had few symptoms except I occasionally would feel the chest tightness and a start of the upper back pain sometimes after I started again drinking coffee or sodas. I would back off those things and it would subside again. Unfortunately, it has come back in spades again since July 1, 2018 (pain is more intense this time). As I was feeling pretty good, I started again drinking more coffee, sodas, and an occasional alcoholic hard citrus type drink early this summer. On July 1, I drank a coffee in the morning and felt the same pains pretty good. Later that same day, I stopped at a large roadside fruit market and drank a fresh citrus drink (pineapple, papaya, etc.). Before I get it half down, the same pains were immense. Since that day, I am having the pains after eating just about anything (sometime even just a banana). Thus, I had another upper endoscopy in early August that came back with the same results (small hiatial hernia, some evidence of acid damage/cells around my LES wj=hich always come back negative for Barret's), but nothing that the GI doctor indicates should be causing all of this pain. My GI doctor had never seen anything like this, but we both think it must be related to some type of hyper-sensitive esophagus that is set off by just minimal exposure to acid since it always occurs about 20 minutes after eating. He referred me to another GI doctor that is suipposed to be one of the premier esophagus specialists in the Atlanta area. I just met with him for the first time last week. He also has never seen these symptoms, but has schedule to do another Upper Endoscopy on me in November and also insert a PH measuring device. He was very surprised that I had the symptoms initially and they largely subsided for over a year before returning. I am on amtriptyline which seems to help mask/reduce the pain some, but not totally (just increased dosage from 25Mg to 50Mg). This ever present pain is very difficult to handle, particularly when there seem to be no answers or possible end in sight. I know these symptons vary from what other describe on this forum, but I wonder if they could just be a more intense version of the same underlying issue which I am guessing is hyper sensitive esophagus nerves that refer pain to the upper back, neck area given the nerves traverse the upper spine. Would be interested in others thoughts here, particularly if anyone has experienced the same symptoms.

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Have the docs considered esophageal spasms? Hard to diagnose unless you are having a spasm at the time of test.

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