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Left shoulder pain after eating or drinking

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Hi, I found this thread about half hour ago while googling the same question. I've been reading many of the replies.
Sadly I'm one of the masses on this thread who suffers the painful left shoulder after eating.

There has to be something official this is called though, because so many of us share those exact same three symptoms;

* Shoulder pain,
* We all have said "Left" shoulder,
* After eating.

Being stuck at home all day in a wheelchair, I get really bored, so I might create something that can enter health/pain details many have posted and see if I can find a trigger for this.

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Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful replies. I did have a small update on my individual condition.

I had a CT scan came back completely clear which I was simultaneously thankful for and slightly disappointed that it didn’t identify something that could be treated.

After I pressed, the doctor he did ask one question and asked if I was constipated. I said I didn’t think so because I was having 1 to 2 movements a day. I did say that I had discontinued daily use of Metamucil that I have been using for years. I was previously diagnosed with diverticulitis and get an anabiotic. The negative outcome of that was it destroyed all of the bacteria in my stomach and drastically changed my regularity and consistency. I figured if I was having symptoms that were very similar to irritable bowel syndrome that fiber was only going to make it worse. He recommended that I start that regimen up again and it’s been roughly 2 weeks and I have not had a reoccurrence of the shoulder pain. In that span of time I have had a few occasions where I’ve eaten far too much and consume more alcohol than I should of and neither of those triggers a painful outcome. Two weeks is a fairly short span of time so I will continue to monitor and also make attempts at controlling portion size and alcohol consumption. I’ll be sure to check back in if I notice anything else.

Welcome to Connect, @jhowellsphotogr,

It can be quite stressful when you can't pinpoint what's causing these symptoms and pain!
While reading through other members' experiences, it seems like there could be several different reasons, the most common being GERD, gall bladder stones, or pancreatitis.
I'd like to share an interesting article I found online, about back and shoulder pain that occurs after a meal:

May I ask if your doctors have offered any explanations?