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Left shoulder pain after eating or drinking

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@jrofri Well, I can tell you a little– what little I know. I have seen a few web sites that included a map of “pain points” at different places around the body, including this spot. At these pain points, the FM responds to stimuli or to nothing, and produces a sharp pain. There are different spots for different folks. Why these points give the sense of pain I do not know, and nothing I have found yet says exactly why. But since FM (and PM) are both autoimmune, products of misfolded proteins, I suspect the fibrils getting into the nerves that relay these pain messages are the real culprits. When the fibrils invade the nerves, something bad always happens. It may be a pain, it may be death. And it seems that there are certain spots where the fibrils get into the nerves, such as the sensory-motor nerves between the brain and the heart, or the kidney, or the lungs, or whatever. https://bit.Ly/1w7j4j8

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I have been saying for awhile that it has to do with “nerves” more than gastro because I have perifial neuropathy (no diabetes) (also no reasons show up on numerous testing to find out why I have neuropathy.(for more than 10 years prior to cancer)…..on up through the system all the way to the shoulder. Many of my continuous health problems are connected to the nerves. —-the latest one being a sciatic nerve in my butt down the leg, into the front, and into big toe. No sitting, standing, laying down, walking , riding bike…..nothing would help. Tylenol wouldn’t help either. I can’t take Ibuprophan because of my stomach. Had to go to emergency room to get some muscle relaxer into me. I’m beginning to think I could put out a shingle and offer advice. I can’t seem to get much from “practicing physicians”, God bless ’em. What would we do without them?

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