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Chronic hip and leg pain

Chronic Pain | Last Active: May 24, 2023 | Replies (15)

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Hello @strokemyoak,

First, welcome to Connect. You are using the site correctly. This is a public member-to-member site where members share experiences and help learn from one-another and to help cope with or handle similar diagnoses.

As a fellow younger person (albeit going on 32) who also enjoys playing video games but balances that with a strict workout routine, I can understand your frustrations. I also suffer from a rare bleeding disorder that has left me with a fused left ankle and a total right knee replacement, so I can sympathize with being active, sustaining an injury, and not being able to figure out how to get back to a normal routine. It sounds like you have tried a lot of various therapies without success.

While we wait for some other members to join in, if you are comfortable sharing, what did your images reveal and what did your provider have to say about your pain?

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Hey @JustinMcClanahan

That's exactly how I feel as well, just wanting to get back to normal life and stop thinking about that every moment of the day. Wow, that sounds like quite the ordeal you went through, how long did that take them to diagnosis a disorder like that?

Nothing came from the imaging. Everything appears to be fine. Both Physiotherapists and doctors have had multiple different theories such as pinched nerves, irritated or inflamed muscles, mechanical issue, tight hip flexors, and weak muscles (such as core or glutes). No definitive answers really :/