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Not sure I am in the right discussion, but as of a few months ago, my mouth has continuously seemed way too dry! Then after the process began, it seems like it goes both ways! I seem to produce too much saliva now and the taste is somewhat funny. That said I have researched a bit and found that certain medications can dryness, but does not mention creating too much salvia! I know I take take a couple of them and told my Dr. He dismissed it because of the meds. The overactive gland(?) produces more saliva 80% of the time, while 20% of the time it is the dryness. Nothing hurts but it is obviously annoying. Also, NONE of the meds are new to my system. I had been taking them way before this started!! So no changes in that category. I am in good health etc. and no operations or serious conditions in the past. Very weird. Any thoughts?? Thanks

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There are medications that can make you hyper salivate, the seizure medication Klonopin is one of them although we can also make your mouth dry as well. My experience with Klonopin Was when I first started taking it it made my mouth dry but as the doctor is increased my dose to nearly the max dose I started to salivate more. After approximately 40 years I don’t remember if it had an unusual taste or not. If I remember correctly I believe it was worse at night.
Drinking lots of water can help reduce excess saliva production as can good oral hygiene.
My dad took Elavil to reduce his saliva production.
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