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My husband is 15 years out from tonsil cancer with radiation. He is unable to eat anything and uses a feeding time, he had all his teeth removed and gets really thick dry mucus buildup in his mouth. Takes a sip of jack Daniels and it loosens this mucus so he can cough it out. The Jack is the only thing that will cut through the mucus.

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The home remedy! There’s no easy way to deal with mucous although I’ve heard of fizzy soda water being effective. There’s surprisingly little good medical advice for these ongoing issues so well done for finding something that works for him.

I also dealt with a mucous that was difficult to remove. When I had my trach tube, I had a device that would suction to mucous and saliva out. I wonder if your husband might benefit from something like that? I apologize that I don’t remember exactly what it was called, but it worked well! If I remember correctly, I rented it from a medical device providers. Has the feeding tube been manageable? Has your husband been able to adapt to using it for nourishment? Also, big congratulations to him (and you!) for 15 years of survivorship!

Sad to say , he is losing this battle after all this time but the jack Daniels suits his needs well

Praying for your family. Miracles happen. I am one of them. Hang in.