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I am 77 ……energy comes in waves….some times more spoons, other times its an effort to do anything….also on no fat or low fat …very low fibre if any , lost about 10 lbs but now stable….also diabetic with prostate cancer that has metastasized….recent shot of Lupron is causing depression to get worse….sometimes problem with gas and bloating but antacid liquid helps with that…..every day is different ….caffeine helps me but sometimes it triggers diarrhea…….I stay around my house a lot so I am near a toilet and I just put a new one in on a day with more spoons ….check " smart patients .com " and follow people with NET issues……..all in all its adjusting to a new way of living and some days its laying in bed with my border collie / australian shepard watching Turner Classic movies and praying…….its not so bad and each day I thank God and pray for others too . Peace be with you.

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@alphanumeric, welcome to Connect. You may also be interested in following the Prostate Cancer group here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/prostate-cancer/

Do you have NETs of the prostate gland or do you have 2 cancers: prostate cancer and a NETs tumor elsewhere?

I am so glad you have joined this discussion group. I so appreciate the acceptance you have developed regarding your health conditions. It can certainly be challenging to deal with energy levels changing. I'm glad you have adjusted as well as you have.

Thank you for sharing many things that have helped you. At Connect we all learn from each other and you have provided all of us with some helpful information. Peace to you as well (and to your border collie)!

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