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Hello @patriciagsr,

I appreciate your posting again. My surgery was a bit different from the one proposed for you in that the implant was not from my own body lipids but from a substance that was created for the implant. However, the surgery did work well (and still does). I was given a lot of prednisone after the surgery to keep down the swelling, inflammation, etc. and the neck area was wrapped with gauze. I talked with far less fatigue which wonderful!

I agree that a healthy diet is more important than supplements, even though supplements can be helpful at times.

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Hello again, I came back from my visit to Mayo in Fl last week. I will have my next surgery for the implant in Dec, I still have some fat in my vocal chord. My problem is how much saliva and phlem I have. I am taking Robinol 1 mg 3 times per day, its helping but not as I expected. I had my phlems yellow so the doctor prescribed me amoxicilin 500 mg 3 per day, but after finished my 14 day treatment the color and taste of the phlem came back so now I am taking levofloxacin 500 mg 1 per day for 5 days. Hope this controls the colour and horrible taste of my phlems. A little issue in my feeding tube but everything under control. Now I am doing my therapies at home by myself. My weight is more stable and my energy level is much better. I am taking lots of vitamin and carb supplements and that is working for me. Hope you are doing well 🙂

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