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Dealing with symptoms after Gallbladder surgery

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Hi Roisemaire. I am sorry you had to have gallbladder surgery. Was your surgery laparoscopic? I am about 8 weeks post surgery. I had some pain at 4 weeks. Some achy-type pains, some shooting pains. I called the doctor and was told that was expected. After the surgery, your nerves have to "wake up" as they are reattaching and rerouting themselves. It is certainly uncomfortable to say the least. I didn't experience nausea. I was very careful with what I chose to eat. I didn't eat anything high fat (cheese, ice cream, cream cheese, etc). I ate a lot of rice, potatoes, baked chicken or turkey. I ate a lot of eggs and introduced vegetables like spinach and other leafy greens at four weeks. I had four small incisions that took a while to heal. I had to be careful what kind of clothes I wore so that they wouldn't tear at the sutures. Getting up from laying down was tough, but finally got better around 4 weeks. I'm a pretty good patient, but not a patient patient. You know what I mean? Remember, you've had surgery, whether it was laparoscopic or otherwise. Your body goes into "shock" for lack of a better term. If you are having a lot of pain and a lot of nausea best advice I have for you is to call your doctor or surgeon's office. They can give you something for the nausea. I didn't use any narcotics during the surgery or for pain killers afterward. I don't metabolize narcotics very well. If you are taking pain killer (opioids) that may be contributing to your nausea. At 8 weeks post surgery I am feeling really great. I'm eating what I want (except for fried foods, fried chicken specifically, darn it!!). I am eating smaller portions. I find that eating to the point where I feel "full" makes me feel sick instead of sated.
I hope what I've written has helped you. I am here if you have any more questions. Thank you, Coleen, for connecting us.

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Hello @bertbiz

Thank you for sharing your experiences with @roisemaire. Recovery from surgery is a very individualized thing. No two people recover the same!


Hi Bertbiz
Thanku so much for sharing your experience. I went to see my surgeon today and he told me I had a very inflamed gallbladder and it had to be scraped from my liver during surgery which I didn’t know about. He told what I am experiencing is normal and prescribed Nexium for 3 months. He said it would take 2 to 3 months before I begin to feel better

I'm so glad you saw your surgeon. I hope you feel better soon.


I'm so glad that you let us know! You must be relieved to know that this is what is normal for your situation.

Will you keep in touch and let us know how your recovery is going?