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I am so excited to have found all of you living the same situation / nightmare I am. Not that I want anyone else to have to live like this oh, but just gives me hope, makes me feel better then I'm not the only one. My doctor never told me about a spacer, he's not a very nice doctor and told me after he took my last replacement out that he would not work on me again that I will need to learn to live without the hip that happened at this time last year. Then went through 6 months of intensive home health, after going through a month-and-a-half of rehab. That was all this time last year, so I've been on a walker since then I have a daughter in kindergarten one in middle school and one in high school and it's been really tough on them also. I'm so glad to have found all of you. Please any of you that read this and want to talk, reply back to me. thank you all so much for sharing your stories I don't feel as alone anymore! God bless all of you and hope you're all doing much better!

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There's more than me out there; there's more than me out there; there's more than me out there!!!! LOL And we're both young - well youngish - you more so than me. Pls email me pfwalker@accesscomm.ca to chat more or find me on facebook. There is soooo much we can discuss - whoever told you one can walk "normal" without a hip is cuckcoo! It is almost physically impossible - one would still likely need a cane at least or they have a heck of a lot of scar tissue holding them up - and yes the leg length difference is also a huge factor - I have about a 2-3 inch difference - I've always had one leg shorter than the other and with the many replacements that difference has changed over time both for better and worse - worse though is definitely now - I have shoes with a raise on the one and we had to increase it this last time to about a 2 inch lift. Still there is uncomfortable difference so to ease it a bit indoors I wear my raised shoe on my hipless side and bare feet on the other - it looks ridicously stupid but it works! I have a warped sense of humor anyway so I just go with the flow with this. LOL So much more to share..................................

Hello I’m nicole I’m 36 and have 3 kids 7, 6 and 10 years old. I had a hip repair which failed then a replacement that got infected bad I was septic, they took it out and I had a girdlestone procedure. That was in July 2018. I’ve been without a hip joint ever since..my surgeon won’t touch me again. I’m doing pretty good I suppose I workout every day I can walk fine without a cane but have the crazy limp.. I use a cane in public though... and have a lift in my shoe I bought on amazon..i know if I didn’t start working out like a maniac I wouldn’t be able to do these things. I can do squats and stairs are easy now I use an exercise bike daily... but it was definitely hard thinking I’m gonna be like this forever. I’m scared to have another replacement because of the risk of infection coming back. I’m so glad I’m not the only one!!

Would love to connect with you to compare - my email is noted in this thread.