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Hello @brenda02, welcome to Connect. I moved your discussion and combined it with one titled, "If you're living without a hip, please reach out to me." I did this so you could meet the members already discussing this topic. @nicoleb21809, @jgomez, and @starstruck have all recently posted about living with one or no hips and may be able to share their experiences with your above options. You may also find some useful insight in this discussion on walking without a hip joint as well, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/walking-without-a-hip-joint/.

@brenda02, you mentioned a lot of symptoms from your hip journey starting in 2018. How is your pain and mobility while fighting all of these symptoms?

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My pain level is moderate but once it starts, I have difficulty calming it down. I am able to walk without aid for very short distances like in the house. When I am out I always use my walker. I just started driving again which gives a person more confidence. My biggest concern is the leakage. This has been going on since 2018 and they haven't stopped it. If the wound heals over, it collects inside resulting in a hematoma. My 1st infection was Haemophillus influenzas, the 2nd was Staphyloccus epidermidis.
Has anyone else had an open wound draining? We still visit the hospital 3 x's a week and my husband does the rest of the wound dressings.
I am trying to rule out all possibilities like allergy testing (still need to be tested for metals), internist (waiting on bloodwork results), my body is full of osteo arthritis but my Rheumatologist feels that is not contributing anything to this situation, and I am waiting on the information from the hospital where I had both original hip surgeries done to advise the manufacturer and components of each.
Has anyone else leaked continuously, and how did they stop it?

I have had 11 hip surguries all on one one side due to infections one after another. I am now facing a girdlestone procedure as the doctors feel that i am way past my point of any more cleanups or revisions.
Does this sould like the route I should travel ? It seems like the only option I have.
Any thoughts ?