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I hope on connect you will find some help. I need a new hip but my surgeon is afraid to as i had a TKR that went bad. Had it taken out put spacers in new one in which hot infected so now have fused leg. Some day I will have to have a THR when I can’t walk and stand the pain. My surgeon says I won’t be able to walk if I have a failed THR. Are you able to walk and get around. Thinking of you!

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Hello Lynette. Thank you for contacting me. Amazingly I’m getting around really well. The first 4-5 months I fell- a lot! It was frustrating! Mostly tripping over little things or just being off balance due to my leg getting shorter while the femur pushes up into the pelvis and finds a place to settle. Hopefully sometime soon it will stop moving and there will eventually be enough scar tissue to provide some cushion and ease the pain. No one seems to know how long that will take.My housemate used to come home from work everyday and ask “did you fall today?” I wanted to have a shirt made that said “it’s been 2 days, 6 hours and 14 seconds since my last fall.” Sometimes I would fall and just lay there for a minute and start laughing, it’s better than crying sometimes and I need to entertain myself some how so why not? Since I had to learn to walk again 4 times I developed De quarveins(sp?} basically tendonitis of both hands. And that was due to using a walker and using my arms and hands to keep me upright to alleviate the pressure on my hip. It seemed to work at first but ended up being a bad decision which caused the pain starting in the thumbs and traveling all the way up to my elbows. It was so painful, I did PT for 8 weeks and had to wear braces on both hands I thought it would never end and when they started talking about surgery I really lost it. I’m scared to death of any surgery now. The pain is almost gone and when I use the walker or cane I’m sure to ease up on my hands and wrists. I had a special shoe made where they added about 2 inches to the bottom of my left shoe to try to get me “even” as I walk. I walk around barefoot in the house with my cane but I have a terrible limp, that really throws off my gait and then my back and shoulder starts hurting. I wear the “special shoes” when I go out in public so my limp isn’t as obvious. I have nice boots and other nice shoes that I don’t know if I can ever wear again. My ins. co. will only pay for 1 pair of lifted shoes a year. It would cost $100 per pair of shoes to lift them all. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to having to use an electric cart when I go to Target or the grocery store. People look at me like “what is she in that cart for?” Like I’m doing it for fun, weeeeeeeeeeee. I’m living one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. It’s hard trying to see a future. My life is exhausting. I have to think about every step I take, where I can sit and for how long and long drives are difficult. I can’t even walk my dog. I need an income and have no idea what to do. I think the worst part is no one seems to know what to tell me, everyday is different and probably will be forever. Sorry for rambling. I hope you were able to get anything helpful from this response. Thanks, Robin

My leg with bad hip is fused and is 3 inches shorter now. I have a 1 inch lift on that shoe. I also paid $100 for lift but now have found an awesome shoe repair shop that only charges $30. You might check to see if there is a shoe repair by you that might do it cheaper