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Colestipol for symptoms of IBS-D

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Hi @richannc,

Thank you for joining Connect and sharing your insight and questions.
I’m tagging fellow Connect members @amberpep @traveling @shoregal45 @vkzwkansas @srobison @cherriann @falconfly @heidisue @jeanie26 @clemlaa @lighthouseceliac @toronto @bobsconnect, who have talked about gut problems, including IBS-D, and I sincerely hope they will return to share their experiences.

@richannc, I’ve heard that the BRAT diet, (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast), is supposed to help control the diarrhea; have you found this or other diets to be beneficial?

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Hi there ….. yes, I’ve dealt with IBS on and off for many years. Stress really makes it flare up. Sometimes along with the abdominal pains it comes with constipation, sometimes diahrrhea. I moved a little over a year ago – a move which I wasen’t particularly wanting –
that = a whole lot of stress. It was a long haul til my stomach settled down. But, after that, with the extreme diahrrhea I had I wound up with a UTI (sorry for the graphics). Fortunately I had the meds. I needed for that here at home so I went with that. Don’t let people poo-poo you when you talk about your IBS ….. it’s real and not just a tummy ache. It’s miserable.

Yep, you have that right…it is real and I had symptoms for years before I finally got a diagnosis of IBS, and not just a tummy ache! Past years I fortunately have been able to manage mine fairly well with diet and making sure I keep up with daily probiotics and fiber. However, as others have mentioned, stress still does bring on abdominal pain, but thankfully don’t contend with constipation/diarrhea issues as much as I use to.