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First Time and Terrified

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Leah, first don’t be scared… the unknown is more scary than the known. The Mayo Clinic Motto is “The needs of the patient above all other things.” This isn’t just a plaque, or a weather worn poster…. it is a living, breathing way of life at Mayo. Just remember one thing, health care is a two way street. You will get what you give…. the Drs. RNs PAs and techs need your assistance to give you the best possible care…. and they need your input to correct any problems along the way. From what I have read, you seem to understand that. There are volunteers all over, info desks, and help in all forms… use them that is why they are there. I made the decision to go to Mayo in Rochester and am so glad I did. My urology surgeon, Dr Husmann and his associate Dr. Joseph were wonderful through my surgery and recovery. I also have COPD and talked with a pulmonologist, Dr Patel, for a relatively short 10 min consult, the next day I noticed him and said hi. He stopped asked how I was feeling and wanted to know how my visit with Dr Husmann went the day before. I was blown away. All I know is I have been treated with respect and professionalism at Mayo, I know Charlie and William Mayo would be pleased. If you don’t get the same results, ask, ask, ask, and work with them…..THEY CARE.

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and thank you so much for your words of advice, all of you. I printed out pictures of my kids and my doggies to show the dr’s and staff who I am fighting for and who need me so they can see the faces that matter to me the most. And I will remember its a two way street and I need to give info in order to receive it. And I promise I will ask ask ask ask and my husband will do the same. Its been a very hard painful confusing 1/2 year and I am just hoping not to be disappointed. Thank you for your time so very much!

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