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Douglas Loewen (@douger)

Adenoid cystic carcinoma - left tongue base

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Hi Douglas,
Given the location of your tumor, I'd like to also invite you to the Head and Neck Cancer discussion group https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/head-and-neck-cancer
Here you'll meet others talking about managing with a variety of head and neck cancers including using a g-tube.

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I/we would be glad to join discussion. However I would like to clarify that it is my wife,Willa -83 - that is the patient and I, Doug - 89 am the caregiver. I should have cleared this up earlier but better late than never.
Throughout this whole process Willa has been very positive and continues to make the best of her life. We have a very supportive family (3 children - 2 married with 6 granchildren and 1 great grandson) and continue to enjoy getting together with them and other family and friends.
As mentioned the cyst/cancer is well back on the left side of her tongue she unable to swallow anything and the jaw opening is very narrow which makes talking difficult - combined with my hearing problems makes for interesting conversations at time. Willa also has trouble with phlem at times.By way of g tube she has been receiving 5 containers of ISO Source Fibre (1.5 ml) plus about 4 lr of water daily and is able to maintain her weight on this diet. As she is basically considered to be palliative she also consumes her meds and pain relievers by g tube. We are very fortunate to have a very knowledgeable family Doctor who can be called on for any problems that arise locally.
Willa's oncologist at Toronto's Princess Margaret Cancer Hospital - Head and Neck Dept - sees Willa on a regular basis but at this point is unable to recommend any further treatment.