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@techi I asked my husband to journal my HE episodes and he did but he would often wait and then his memory would be vague. Despite my condition I often remembered them more clearly than he did, except when I was at the worst of the episode, which I have little or no recollection of. I have no recollection of getting to the hospital during a bad one. I hate it when he accompanies me to the doctor because he tries to control me and stop me from asking questions, or making comments. Then he will ask questions that have already been answered. He insists on going though.

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Yes l went to a neurologist who l asked my doctor not to send me to but l want to get my release to drive and l told him l went to the Mayo clinic and they told me my memory was fine. I told him it was my liver and l was told l had autoimmune encephalitis and they said they couldn’t find anything currently going on, which l looked up about the symptoms and how doctors say it’s a mental disease and all your test can come back normal and you still can have it. The neurologist at the Mayo Clinic said l.had the residual of it. She also said l could habe had an allergy to meds. Which is 100% true because my previous gasterentogist said l got the hyperammonia because of medications. So l continue to tell him l could understand were my general practice doctor would want me to see him to make sure l can get the release to drive. He looked up my records and said he gave you the release since Aug well nobody called me to pick it up because somebody would have to go get it since l can’t drive. So l continue to tell him about the hyperammonia and l asked him if this could have been why l was passing out and having seizure like symptoms
He told me you had bipolar and schizophrenia. I told him l was cleared of that at the Mayo Clinic they just thought l might not have known how to deal with all that was going on. I also to him the vascular medicine doctor said the stents that was placed wasn’t done correctly and he said one isn’t flowing like it suppose too. So l just can’t wait to see the gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic because nobody wants to say they made a mistake. I also told him when l went to the pharmacy twice they gave me meds l was allergic too. And l told my husband what he said and he said l should have went in with you. He told me when l fell l hallucinate and what l said my husband said what he said was true. So l call my general practice doctor office to get my release and nobody knows where it is and he showed me where to very he signed onvery he the computer. I know l can’t hold that against them but it seems like l can’t go to anyone in this state for help because they are all covering up there mistakes. And l am trying to get off these meds and l really don’t know how so l wanted to know who l can ask if l have to go out of state?

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