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The value of an animal

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@aster75 Thank you. We also have no contact with our son's family.. He is bipolar 1 and his wife controls him and seems to know what's best for him. The sad thing we have not seen out granddaughter since she was 3 and she is now nine. They live in NY and both are professor's, except my son cannot teach because of his illness. Marlowe can skype with us when she's at her grandma in Chicago. She sends me pictures and in my birthday card Marlowe had made Us something. We have talk to our lawyer to see if he can do anything. If they lived in Iowa there was nothing we could do unless one of them dies. But he's contacting a lawyer in NY to see what there law is and all I want is to skype with her, talk to her over the telephone and be able to mail things to her. Now I have to send letters and gifts to the grandmother in Chicago and she forwards it to her. We would let Marlowe decide if she would want to visit us.
Thanks for caring.

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@lilypaws I'm switching to a tablet as my vision is dimming. One more cataract to go. I switched devices I read this entire thread. In 2011 my last rescue dog died. Three months later I had a heart attack. seven years later I went to the county shelter and found my hearts desire Sheila was cringing in a corner of the kennel. Unknown to me she had been raised to eat chicken and rice hand fed and off a plate on the floor. Housebroken trained to sit on the back seat sit in a shopping cart. It took awhile to understand she didn't know what dog food was and three years later doesn't want a dog toy. She's Chi- schipperkee mix. Like most small dogs she doesn't know it. Apparently her first mom was Chinese as she went up to every elderly woman in a wheelchair and if even faintly appear to be Chinese tried to climb into her lap. Life was very exciting with her. Fortunately for me the animal rescue thrift shop had wonderful volunteers who helped me get her acclimated to me and vice versa. I was in CBT and she went with me. Very impressive that she sat in my lap quietly looking from whoever was speaking to the other She had been lost or stolen and not spade after two litters on the street she was dumped at the shelter. We were both emotional messes at the time and on a visit to my internist the doctor said she's a natural or was trained to be a emotional therapy dog and wrote a certificate for her. She sat in my lap while flying from CA to NC. Since here I've been recovering from a bad fall with a broken hip and elbow.
She scared someone away there and here as well. She sounds like a huge dog but doesn't bark very much. Legally we need to take a training class for her to get a service dog certification. She loves to be friendly and gets sad she drops her ears of someone avoids her. PTSD is easier with her. I'm not a joiner and need to have a reason to go out. Fearful of virtigo bending down was an issue. On line I found a set rake and shovel longhandled and less then $20. She walks me 2 or 3 times a day. I have her emotional therapy certification. I don't really miss my children grands and greats because not one has ever reached out to ask if I need anything. I'm at peace. I keep busy acting as my own lawyer defending myself in a divorce. Online I watch cooking videos to learn new dishes and foods. I'm a news junkie and busy solving the countries problems out loud. Watched al! lectures mysteries movies that I missed or want to see again. Ginger please direct me to where I was.

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