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The value of an animal

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Well, this coming Saturday I will be picking up Kellar. I'm pretty well set up for him except to get the crate out of storage and wash it out. I have not said anymore to any of my family and they've not said anymore to me. I don't much care anymore what they think ..... I'm sick and tired of living by other people's standards .... reminds me too much of my X who is a Narcassist. They don't know when I get him and they won't until I walk in their house with him. Of course I can't take him to one of my daughter's homes ..... her husband is 100%, dead set against, any dog, no matter whose, coming in their house. Dogs are meant to be outside animals, and that's where his mother's dog is, all the time. He's a beautiful, white Eskimo dog, and he spends all his life outside, alongside a wooden doghouse, tied to a fairly long rope. I hate it. But, obviously it's none of my business. They had a farm for years and years and all animals were outside animals ...... sad.
Once before I left my now-X, I spent a week at a hotel with a kitchen, just to be alone, read, think, and be alone. I've been thinking about that again, but this time for a longer period of time, and maybe to a cabin somewhere in W.Va. I'd take Kellar with me and food for the week. Between this garbage my family gave me about getting a dog, my own emotional struggles right now, and just still this move, I'd like to run away .... no further contact.

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YOU GO, Abby. I'm proud to be watching you take control of your own life!

Have you ever gone to a monestery or such a place for a personal retreat? I've done it a number of times - there's a Hermitage not far from me. It's always a great time of solitude.

I've gone to a motel in Reno a couple of times for the same purpose.

You must be excited about having Kellar be home with you! What a blessing.


Hi Jim ...... I have not gone to a monestery yet, but there is one only 1 hr. from me, who have small, simple rooms for people to rent for 3 days. They all eat together with the Monks, in silence ..... it's a total time of self-reflection and getting our perspective back where it belongs .... with God.