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The value of an animal

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Feb 25, 2022 | Replies (80)

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Hi Jim ….. you know, I don’t think people really understand these things unless they’ve gone through it. We here, have all been through some type of awful experiences, depression, anxiety, bi-polar, eating disorders ….. many of them, so we “get it.” But if they haven’t felt that deep, dark, sadness and the hopelessness that goes with it, I don’t think they understand. And with my kids (all adults) I really think they’d rather not know … sort of keep their heads in the sand. I’ve been going to see my therapist every other week for about a year now, but I’ve been teetering on the edge for quite awhile that I’m going to start to make the drive every week. It’s worth it to me. He actually said to me yesterday that I’m to please bring Keller up for a visit sometime when I’m coming up. Well, I’ll do that, but not until I can be absolutely sure he will sit or lay and not make a fuss.
I am so glad for this Board …. we may not all have the same problems, but we all understand the pain.

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Hi Abby. I’m glad that your therapist saw your need for more frequent visits. I remember that he wondered if you could find a therapist closer to where you now live.

Because I live in a rural area, therapists and psychologists only come here to do their one year internship, then they move to where they make a ton more money. That means that every year I’ve had to start all over again with someone new. I think I’ve seen around ten. Starting from square one every year is traumatic because of my mental health issues and other stuff.

The current one has said that he wants to stay here. I can only hope.


Well, I will hope with you. Seeing a therapist once a year certainly isn’t beneficial to you. I live 3-1/2 hrs. from where my therapist and psychiatrist are, but it’s worth it to me to make the trip. I’ve been with them so very long that to change now would be absurd. Would there be any town around, within driving distance, where you could go maybe every other week? I know it’s not ideal, but maybe it would be worth it. It is for me. Do I love the drive? No …. half of it is up Rt. I-81 in VA which I call “truck city” … for every car there are 2 trucks. I feel like a little ant in a wasp nest! But, I’ll keep going ….. they’re both worth it, and so am I. Good luck, my friend.