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The value of an animal

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We have Wally. We adopted him from a friend who could no longer keep him. He is our baby and we love him dearly. We have always had a dog and later took in a stray kitty who showed up on our deck. I totally believe a pet is helpful in our lives. They offer unconditional love and companionship. Also we need the responsibility of caring for them. It is wonderful to return home and have Wally to greet you as if you've been gone days instead of hours. 🙂

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Wally is adorable! It must have been "love at first sight"!


It was indeed. When the owner brought him to my home, I took him into my arms and told her I want him, I will love him and you can never have him back. He is a joy! 🙂


We love Toby, our daughter's shih tzu. She was living with us during the first year of his life, and since she was working, we had the pleasure of training him. Smart dog.


Wally is quite a doll baby. We have two shih tzus. They are mom and son. We got her ten years ago in November. She had three babies in my bedroom. I knew she was pregnant when we got her from the pound. She had her babies one week later in my room. I was beside myself--our other doggies had died six months apart in 2010. Then we got Gracie in November 2010. She had three adorable babies, two girls and one boy. The vet told us they were pedigreed shih tzus. We kept them all for five months--after they had eaten everything they could reach, all wooden knobs, all bottoms of furniture, chewed on the rungs off my antique rocking chairs. I decided we couldn't keep them because they kept doing their business and peeing all over the house. They were born in the middle of winter and I just couldn't bring myself to put the out in the snow to go. So, I decided to give them to someone who would love them and give them good homes. I found wonderful people for them. Then I cried and cried and wanted them back. I called the people and they had fallen so in love with them, they wouldn't part with them. I couldn't blame them. Now that we have had these two for ten years, the mom is old and she is beginning to do what they did -- just go wherever she feels like it. I am way too old but there is no way I can ever get rid of her or her boy. My husband and I love them both so very much. Our own children have been gone for many years and have children and grandchildren of their own. We are lucky to have visits from them but during the pandemic, we don't see anyone! We are very lucky to have our dogs! We talk more to them than we do to each other, I think. Or, we talk about our dogs to each other. It's a good thing we do have them! If I ever figure out how to post pictures on here, I will.