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Karen Michael (@immmm)

Lesions, Cystic liver mets, vs Tumors

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Hello Karen, @immmm

Understanding the difference between lesions, cystic lesions, liver metastasis and tumors can be challenging. I found an article from Residents in Radiology Online that states:

"Cystic liver lesions, or fluid-containing lesions of the liver, are commonly encountered findings on radiologic examinations that may represent a broad spectrum of entities ranging from benign developmental cysts to malignant neoplasms. The wide range of pathologic processes that may result in cystic liver lesions can present a difficult diagnostic conundrum. The radiologist must carefully assess such imaging features as location, size, and unifocal or multifocal nature of the cyst or cysts as well as evaluate cyst complexity and associated findings. In addition, because radiologic features of various cystic liver lesions overlap, it is necessary to integrate imaging with clinical and laboratory findings to allow more definitive diagnosis."

As you can see, even for medical professionals the information from one image study alone, such as an MRI, is not enough for a full diagnosis. Here is the full article for furrther reading http://www.ajronline.org/doi/pdf/10.2214/AJR.10.5292

To determine next steps, such as further testing or a treatment plan, your friend's care team will piece together all the information they have gathered from imaging, clinical analysis and lab findings. Does she have her follow-up appointment to discuss next steps?

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Thank you! No wonder I couldn't decipher what the radiologist was saying! She has to speak with her doctor. There has been no discussion for any other treatment, she has followup every 3 months at MD Anderson, and oncologist visits with her before her shot. When I go with her, it was basic- how are you feeling? Do you need pain medicine, are you having any swelling of your lower extremities or shortness of breath. She is a positive person but is very passive and tends to say I'm doing pretty good, doing okay. I realize this may be the best and/or only treatment for her, again just trying to be an advocate and trying to find more out about this "not your average ""normal"" cancer".