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Karen Michael (@immmm)

Lesions, Cystic liver mets, vs Tumors

Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs) | Last Active: Mar 2, 2023 | Replies (16)

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Hello @immmm

I appreciate your posting this interesting question. Many of us have been diagnosed with lesions on the liver - some of which represent benign lesions, others of us have metastasized tumors in the liver and others have had been diagnosed with cysts. I would certainly recommend that your friend contact her doctor's office to get some clarification on the type of lesion she has. I'm sure she needs to put her mind at ease. In the meantime, let's see what our other members have to say about this.

Has your friend been diagnosed with NETs? Was this MRI done to determine if there was any metastasis?


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Thank you for your prompt response. Yes, she has NETS with liver metastasis. This is a repeat MRI at one 1yr. It said "the bilobal mets appear similar, but some lesions such as the cystic lesion appears larger"--I hope she will follow up-- I questioned it when she let me read it and couldn't really find anything to clarify.


I appreciate your giving us some background on your friend's history with NETs. I have personally had 3 surgeries for relatively small NETs in the duodenal bulb. The first one was removed by surgery in 2003 and last one was found and removed in 2016. I have had a lesion on my liver as well - however, it is unchanged in size over 5 years, so it is felt to be benign. Given the fact that my blood work and 24 urine is normal my doctor is not concerned.

In order to answer your question more thoroughly, I'm going to continue to search for a simpler answer to the different terms you mentioned in your original message.

I really appreciate the research that @johnbishop did on Google Scholar - good information, John!

If I may ask, has your friend had any surgeries? Does her doctor know where the primary NET is? Has she had a 68 Gallium PET scan yet? Is she seeking a second opinion?