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Esophageal cancer reoccurring

Esophageal Cancer | Last Active: Oct 31, 2022 | Replies (14)

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Hi @karly, welcome to Connect.
I’d like to introduce you to @trudivo @angelag @ssimons who are caregivers to partners living with esophageal cancer, as well as @adriennef and @alpaca who know first-hand about recurrences. I’m confident that they will have thoughts to add to oldKarl’s on how to prepare for your upcoming meeting with the GI tumor board and questions to ask.

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Karly, what questions would you like to have answered by the board?

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I am not sure what questions to ask. Several treatments have been mentioned; immunotherapy, chemo, radiation. I would love for my husband to be able to swallow and eat by mouth. When you are hit with all of this you don’t realize how much we live our lives around food! Even a simple cup of coffee or tea. I am hoping some could help me out with questions I should be asking however I may have to wait until we see what is prescribed.