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Have you taken levetiracetam (Keppra)?

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@jakedduck1 Leonard l want to ask you a question, like l said before l am still falling and have been since my first brain injury. Now since 2014 it's been getting worse you never no when it's going to happen. The neurologist l had said l had partial seizure. Now the neurologist l have or you might say had said its non-epelitic seizures. I just fell recently at my doctors off ice and had to go to the hospital and the same diagnosis but l am still on keppra and sometimes my speech will be slurred, tremors and unable to walk. I confused if its seizures or non epileptic seizures. I have had so many neurologist and have had different diagnoses and l have had convulsions and sometimes l can be conscious or unconscious. Just thought l would ask you since you have had seizures for along time.

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Hi Lisa @techi
I know from my own experience it can been extremely exhausting and frustrating to find the right diagnosis and the right treatment regimens. I have several different types of seizures as a result of a car accident. However through my journey we discovered I actually was having partial seizures my entire life and the accident was a trigger to more aggressive types. Please continue following your md advice. I know 4 years is a long time. It took 11 years, 17 different medications, horrible side effects, before my doctors figured out the right treatment. I finally went to Mayo Clinic and went through the seizure clinic
and they put me on tegretal which has kept me seizure free for 8 years now!! I use to have seizures daily before.

I pray you find your right treatment soon.

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