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Have you taken levetiracetam (Keppra)?

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Hi, I’m 34yrs old and had my first seizure last March. I am also on Keppra. But also on a couple other meds. I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Epilepsy in Sept after many tests. I definitely understand “the blues” feeling. Some days are good and some I just want to stay in bed all day. And before my diagnosis the not knowing really effected me. Just take it one day at a time ( hard to do I know). Since being diagnosed I still have a hard time with “if or when will I have a seizure again”. Its very scary and if you ever want to talk you can PM too. Hope you find answers.

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Thank you so much for your response. It’s nice not feeling so alone and that someone else has been there before. I will respond more a bit later. Have a great day!

Anyone out there not able to drive? My neurologist feels I shouldn’t drive for a year if I don’t have any more seizures. The loss of independence is a hard pill to swallow!!! I feel like a child that needs babysitting.

Because of some vision problems, I too could not drive (and still can’t at night). I do know the feeling of lack of independence. My daughter is currently having too many seizures and she too can not drive.

It may not be much help, but try to find any transportation that your town and city might provide for disabled. See if local government might have some special programmes, and anyone you know who goes shopping on a regular basis that you can hitch a ride with. Your Eipilespy Association may have ideas too. In order to feel less dependent on friends and family it is good to be able to make whatever plans you can. Look outside the box, even to Uber ride sharing if you have enough funds. Good luck and be as well as you can be. Patricia

I know how not being dependent mean. I had to stop driving for two years because they couldn’t figure out what was going on with me. I just got a release to drive and if felt like l just got my drivers permit. Hang in their, before l was having to have paper signed by DPS every six month since 2001 but l was able to drive even though l had to have it filed out every 6months. You can find resource for transportation from your state rehabilitions services and when l was in the hospital the social worker gave me names of all the services. And when you call them they have cab service that will pick yo u up from your house. And l also got a pass from transit it was to pay less and that might help you. I used that for awhile and then l moved and there was no buses where l lived. So you might try these resources l hope this will help. Good luck

Hi there, I’m just curious about your Epilepsy, would you mind answering some questions. Do you have an inflammatory disease or did you have an infection prior to your seizure? Have you ever been diagnosed with Encephalitis? Did you have a spinal tap and or pet scan? How did your doctor diagnose your Epilepsy? Are taking any immunosuppressive drugs? Hope you don’t mind the interrogation but I’ve had Epilepsy for 51 years and I’m interested in all types and manifestations of the condition. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

I haven’t been told I actually have epilepsy. I passed out during a sleep study and my heartbeat went to 20. They sent me to a neurologist and she said the hallucinations are a symptom of seizures in the brain. I just see forms and lights but have for years. I had Lyme disease that went undiagnosed for over a year. I also have had Fibromyalgia for years. Other than the Keppra I have not been prescribed and the antibiotic I took for Lyme, I haven’t been prescribed anything like that. I had my thyroid removed years ago and lately am having trouble getting the thyroxine right. I have had all kinds of scans and a spinal tap. Presently, I have iron deficiency anemia and am taking iron infusions for that. Don’t know if that helps but I don’t mind questions.