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Have you taken levetiracetam (Keppra)?

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Yes l have taken keppra, l had several diagnoses about seizure with the last one non-epileptic seizure. I was passing out and have been unconscious for seconds to as long as days unconscious the doctors don't know the cause so l said to myself if they don't think it's seizures l might have well stop taking all these drugs. I had another seizure medicine and l took myself off that one also. Now maybe that's not what you should do but that's me so don't do the same but l found out l am thinking clearly and not as tired. Now l was.on 8 prescribed medicines, 3 natural meds and 1 eye drop, and 1 liquid med. I feel l was a drug addict. So if l was you l would ask my doctor why you are taking it if you.dont need it. Because sometimes it will affect another part of your body. You are your own advocate and sometimes we are taking meds we don't need. God luck

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I continue to take Gabapentin. I had the auto immune NMDAR encephalitis after a HSV encephalitis. I went through a half dozen anti seizure medicines (being allergic to Lamictal/trileptal). My pain neurologist Dr. Sandroni (Minnesota clinic) had started me on Gabapentin to help me sleep at night & for nerve pain. After having to keep changing anti seizure meds at local ER visits my mother had found out the anti seizure capabilities of Gabapentin I have just been on that successfully since 2014. Technically I am non epileptic but because of the damaged regions I have to take anti seizure medicine. Also having tested non epileptic but having frequent terrible seizures, they were diagnosed as "behavioral spells". However, this was before it was known, even at Mayo Clinic I was suffering from active autoimmune encephalitis which had been active for 7 months before trying a trial IVIG protocol, which once started was the end of those shaking/seizure spells. I always bring up the autoimmune encephalitis because it presents and is diagnosed differently.