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Ryman (@ryman)

Have you taken levetiracetam (Keppra)?

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ryman,hope youget on something soon,i have been on some type ofmed for grandmals since i was 5 Had a lot of sides through the years,but a few side s area better thanthe g.randmal seizure and migranes and memory loss and all theother stuff from a seizure,convultion so strong still have trouble walking a week later.

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Are you taking Dilantin (Phenytoin) by chance? It can cause Ataxia which could explain your balance issues. Did you have problems walking prior to seizure?

@robertjr l was taking lamictal and l guess l should be still taking it but since l know it from my liver and if my ammonia level are high but l haven't had a seizure since last year. And now l dont see a neurologist anymore. I only see my general practice doctor , hematologist, pulmonologist , rheumatologist and of course my opthamologist. But no l didn't have any prior seizure since my encephalitis and my first neurologist diagnosed me and l trust him but now my doctors are seeing he was correct. Because when had them l couldn't remember anything and they thought it was psychiatric but if you look at autoimmune encephalitis th azad t is one of the symptoms. I was.told on this sight about an attorney who had autoimmune encephalitis and his wife was a nurse and they thought the same thing it was psychotic but she kept pushing them to believe them and he got the help he needed and he doing okay but he still has some memory problems.