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Have you taken levetiracetam (Keppra)?

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I have to pick it up tomorrow. I see it has some weird side effects. I have problems with most, usually cannot tolerate them. I was just wondering about other people’s experiences with Keira. Thank you for moving my post.

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I also have a great problem with side effects. That was a major problem in finding the right med and having the fewest side effects. I started Keppra I believe in 2001. I had some side effects, mostly head pain. That improved after a few months. I was on only 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg in the evening. I had surgery in 1983 for grand mal seizures. After that I had no grand mal seizures but still had some smaller petite mal ones. (not sure I spelled that right). Because of that I was started on the Keppra. I was extremely lucky to have few side effects. When the generic came out I was switched to that and am having no side effects at all.
I think we all get scared when we read about side effects, and some rightly so. I still can’t believe I have no side effects because I have always been the one that if there was a side effect, I had it.
If you start this med, pay attention to any changes you notice and talk to your neurologist about making changes to your med. If that doesn’t work, get another opinion. Keep asking until you find the right thing.
I went for years with doctors not being able to figure out what was going on. I went to Mayo and they had it figured out in one week.
Everybody is different; I know that’s been said many many times. But it’s true. I am the perfect example of that with having no side effects while others do.
I wish you the best. Never stop trying until you find your right fit.

Thank you. I am one that is most likely to get side effects also.

Sorry my pad decided I was done and posted. She gave me 250 morning and night. I will start it this eve. I sure hope I will be lucky and not have side effects. Good luck to you.

bonnieh218,been on generic keppra for a month,before that was on dilantinfor 30 years,had lotsof side s and tookme about 3 days after a seizure to recover.at least the keppra isnt thatbad,only thing is went over 4 years seizurefree with dilantin since keppra 4 grand mals 1month..