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Ryman (@ryman)

Have you taken levetiracetam (Keppra)?

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ryman,Ive taken meds since i was five,for last 30 plus years on dilantin.have grand mal,tonic clonic,seizures.For some reasons my dilantin level has gone to toxic levels ,3 tjmes in a year.few months ago ended up in hospital finally brough level down again,went to see a neurologist afterwards,now on keppra,,toldlot cleaner than dilantin.In one month sincehad 3 grandmals with keppra,all three no warning.with my poor health now,have severe copd,had lungcancer in 2014,inremission.,haveing a mri onmy head next month,checking for cancerin head,.I just hope the keppra helps my seizures,besides thefact the seizures affect all of me for days now,especially breathing and severe headaches,im63 now,cant handle waking up in a mess on thefloor or ground notknowing whats going on .

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I am so sorry for what you are going thru. I truly hope you can get help very soon. Did you have seizures while taking Keppra? I haven’t had an actual seizure and I hope this med won’t cause me to have one. Thank you for your response.

sure did,three seizures this month with keppra .going bac to neauroogistonthursday.

Probably not something I want to try then. Good luck.

had number four with keppra this morning,fourth grandmal ina month ,the keppra a lot easier to get back onfeet afterwards but sofar doesnt seem to be ,stopping the seizures,having mri done today.

Have you been through the Seizure clinic at Mayo Clinic?? This is where we were finally able to pin point the exact causes and triggers and finally get on the right medication to treat my multi level complex seizures. I now just take 900mg of Trileptal 3 x a day. It’s been truly a blessing.

Here is a link if you are interested in learning more about the department. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/epilepsy/diagnosis-treatment/mayo-clinic-experience-patient-stories/orc-20117254


I agree with Dawn. That’s where I found my answer also.

thanks Dawn,right now had mri done today and put on3000 of keppra per day,if that doesnt work he will try something else.Just what i didnt want,musical chairs with tonic clonic meds,seizures starting to take a toll on me,

Prayers things settle down very soon!!


Dawn never been to Mayo clinic,,have heard good things,right now having problems with medicine.,spent time in hospital lowering dilantin level for third time in a year went toxic all of a sudden again.seeing neurologist in deleware now on keppra.Trouble is ive had grand mals since 5 but had been doing pretty good for awhile,except i now have severe copd and ostioperosis and the 4 seizures last month using keppra really take alot outof me..Im 63 now and each seizure just gets harder and takes more out of me.thats why im looking around,nd as of now cant just jump in car and drive somewhere .my wife does most driving but cant exspect her to chaufer me around.Been able to survive so far but feel like imloseing the battle.