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Nuchal Tendon Occification/Calcification

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Hi All,

I have the exact same thing, mine “came out” December 2018 with low grade fevers, face rash (nose and cheeks) malaise, headaches, fatigue, B-12 deficiency and 30lbs of unintended weight loss. I’ve seen neurologist, 2 general surgeons, rheumatology, ENT and no one can give me answers to why this all happened suddenly. When it first came out it was only when I tilted my head up and to the side, it’s grown double in a year but still only prominent when I lift my chin up. I have an ultrasound Dec 22nd because mine doesn’t show up on CT or MRI either. They all keep saying it’s been there or it’s normal when i know it hasn’t and it’s not normal for me. Did anyone have fevers with theirs or other spontaneous growths? Did anyone get a diagnoses? I’m a 38 yr old female working mom of 2. I was doing great and then 5/2018-9/2018 felt pretty bad, alien showed up and was on rapid decline since. Good to see I’m not alone but sorry you’re all going through this.

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It just came out for me too, and it definitely isn't normal.

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