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Nuchal Tendon Occification/Calcification

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Hello @gina111, welcome to Connect. While we wait for others to jump back in on this discussion, would you mind sharing a bit more information? Did your provider discuss what this diagnosis means? Is the mass painful?

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I am still in the process of being bounced around since the ultrasound in June. The latest was an appointment with a neurosurgeon that has referred me to Ochsner in New Orleans. I was contacted by Ochsner and have yet again been bounced between neurology and oncology, with no appointment set to date. Frustrating. The pain has increased, especially at night. The pain is in the is left side of my neck, radiating mainly into my left scapula and trapezius, with some pain radiating down the left arm leaving the arm feeling very fatigued. Range of motion in the neck is limited, especially to the left and backward extension. I will attach photos I have of the ultrasound and MRI.

As with the original lady that posted, the mass is very hard and was clearly visible on ultrasound that was conducted while sitting up this, weight load bearing. The MRI was performed while supine. @@