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I had errands to do today but I don’t dare leave the house. I wanted to go to the Rx and get some Immodium and also some sort of pad to wear during this flareup of IBS-D.
Please, anyone have any suggestions at all for me ….. usually I have it a constipation, but since I moved – very high stress – when I get it, it’s in the form of diahrrhea.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I understand the way digestion can be in charge of your schedule. I had IBS symptoms and asked to see a registered dietitian. She explained the FODMAP diet to me. This diet has helped me a lot. I can now leave my house with confidence. The diet isn’t hard to follow, but it is a medical diet so you need medical advice to do it. A registered dietitian from Mayo was very helpful to me. I hope you can find answers here that are helpful to you.