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I have been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and completed my first cycle (of six) of Carboplatin and Taxol. I’m 75 and just had a hysterectomy which confirmed the cancer was in 3 other places, the cells were removed. I felt fairly good until the third treatment and now feel very tired since this is an off week, I hope I can recover some of my energy. I was very active prior to the surgery.

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Welcome to Connect, @pat417. It looks like @laurieann789 is just slightly ahead of you with a similar chemo regimen. I’m hoping she’ll return to this conversation and share her experience with fatigue and managing side effects.

Pat, if you were active before surgery, this will definitely help your recovery. Be patient with yourself. It takes a while. And it is a fatigue like no other, isn’t it? Do you have someone helping you out with daily tasks and household chores?

Good afternoon@pat417! I hope today is turning into a better day for you. You have the double whammy Pat. Recovery from surgery AND chemotherapy. Your cycles are a bit different from mine as I was on Carbo and Taxol the first week then on Taxol for the next 2 weeks as my cycle. I did complete 7 cycles of Carbo and Taxol. Now I am on Taxol weekly at a higher dose and Avastin. As Colleen shared be patient with yourself. Ask for help. As an active person myself before all this, taking a friend up on their offer to help with a meal or shop or run something to the library is not a sign of weakness. As was explained to me……Laurie, remember when you did such and such? Yes. Did it make you feel good to help/do something for her? Yes. Well, let me have my joy and let me cook you dinner. God is good! Pat, we will have our good days and we will have our tired/sleepy days. We are never alone. On the tired days, I read, make lists, listen to music, and most important pray. Allow your family and friends the joy of helping you. Listen to your body. If it says today is a good day to walk 10 laps in the driveway…do it (or 5!). If your body says sit….sit, but sit outside or near a window to watch the birds and squirrels! It sounds like you are a tough cookie! It will get better. One down 5 to go! Hugs, Laurie

Yes, my dear husband has been cooking the evening meal, we each prepare our own breakfast and lunch. He’s retired so, so far he has enjoyed preparing the meal, be it from scratch or frozen. My daughters also help as they can. It is hard to be patient when you’re so used to getting things done your self. Went to a “look good class” at our local hospital yesterday, that was my first outing after my daughter clipped all my hair off. What an emotional experience.

Thanks, Laurie, I’m really trying to come to grips with being patient with myself. My neighbor has become my prayer partner, which has helped ever so much. Pat

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