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Don Gilmore (@donnieg)

Chronic Total Occlusion

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TY @catgic I appreciate the clarification, however, I didn’t join the group for the fun of it and don’t have time for unrelated junk. I thought that being an arm of Mayo Clinic that it would have integrity and that someone in this sphere would have a similar health experience to share so I could learn and get help with my decision on the procedure.

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@donnieg – Dare I say, IMHO, you are making “Shoot From The Hip” erroneous judgment about the folks who join this Mayo Clinic Connect group or one of the other Mayo Clinic Connect groups. Sick people are not having “Fun.” Honestly shared, valid information and life experiences are not “Unrelated Junk.” One person’s “Junk” is another person’s “Treasure.”

I feel confident in saying that Mayo Clinic Connect members are on here to learn from group members, support and give aid to fragile, bad-health afflicted folks where they can, share bad-health-turned-to-good health stories and life experiences with the intent of helping people like you who are trying to gather data with which to make sound decisions, and deal with their degraded and degrading health condition(s).

Good luck in your pursuit of the rapid receipt of the “Arterial Surgery Procedure” information you seek.

Thanks again Catgic! I am not making judgement about anyone and I certainly agree that VALID INFORMATION and life experiences are important and that is exactly what I was hoping to find here. It appears you may be here for something else more self gratifying. I believe above you mentioned blathering, chitchatting, non-contributors and I really don’t have time for that. My post states I am interested in others with Chronic Total Occlusion. Is this something you are even familiar with? If not, please save your blathering chitchat for others who can appreciate it. I’m sure it does have value to those without hope. You seem like a nice person but I have many friends and I am not here for the social media aspect. I sincerely appreciate your kind wishes in my persuit. Best to you as well!

As Dr. Albert Schweitzer said,”The role of the physician is to awaken the doctor in each patient” The more we know and understand the better the outcome.