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Lymphedema in legs

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I thought I would take a few minutes to give you all another update as things are moving faster than I expected (color me Happy!). This morning I found a request to setup a CT abdomen scan, a lymphoscintigram and some labs which are required before my consultation with lymphedema specialist. I called the local clinic and setup the appointments, had a blood draw at 10:30 after my coffee break. Got the results back after lunch for the blood draw - kidneys appear to be functioning OK. The CT abdomen scan is setup for May 31st in the afternoon. The big one, the lymphoscintigram is setup for June 4th and pretty much a whole day ordeal - 7:30 am injection of the stuff that makes you glow, 11 am I have the first scan and 2 pm I have the second scan. Then I have the Lymphedema Consultation on June 6th. So hopefully I will know more in the very near future.

I'm also hoping my experience may help others.


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@johnbishop Thank for the update John. I wish you well hope everything goes o.k.

@johnbishop Hi John: I am glad that you are moving forward with testing. That is good news about the kidney functioning, I'm glad to hear that. Thank you for keeping us all posted, I'm praying for you. Yes, this will be another experience to add to your Mentor knowledge base. Wishing you well. Teresa

@johnbishop, I’m dropping in to add my “hope everything goes ok” and that you learn what is going on.

Thanks Rosemary. I really appreciate it.

@johnbishop- Hoping for Great results John! Hope you don't continue to glow unless it's in our hearts!