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Lymphedema in legs

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Well, I should be happy but I'm not. The x-ray results for the ankle really just showed the ankle is arthritic, no fractures or breaks to cause the swelling. The term I read in the test results "Right clot deformitie" was a transcription error due to a software glitch in the new system - explained to me by the nice young folks that did the ultrasound of my legs this afternoon. He looked up the term and said there was no such thing. The ultrasound on the legs was negative for deep vein thrombosis so I was happy about that but it's back to square one to figure out what is causing the swelling in only the right leg and ankle.

Note in my test results for the ultrasound this afternoon - " If the swelling persists we would like to see you back in clinic". Now I know why there is no reply button to the messages from the care team. My nonexistent reply besides biting my tongue - "Well DUH, the reason for the x-ray and the ultrasound was because the swelling has persisted." There I said it and my foot still is swollen and hurts and I didn't hurt anyone's feelings - psst my mom told me not to do that. So thank you care team for not having a reply button in your message.

Just think, only one more day until Friday!

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@johnbishop Your funny John I had a fracture ankle and besides swelling it never lasted like yours I can hear your frustration could it becoming from your back?Sciatica?Just guessing hope they find out soon for you Does ice help it any? Keep in touch

@johnbishop Hi John:

I appreciate your keeping us posted. I'm glad that some of the serious stuff has been ruled out, especially the DVT, but I can understand your frustration. I got a patient portal reply from my neurologist saying the report of the lumbar MRI was not consistent with what was found on the EMG. Oh well....

I'm glad that your mom taught you not to hurt anyone's feelings - it looks like her words of wisdom are still with you.

What's your next step going to be?