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Lymphedema in legs

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Well, the x-ray results are in for my right foot and ankle but the doctor hasn't contacted me yet so I'm not sure if I still will need the ultrasound of the right leg.

Marked soft tissue swelling about the right ankle. Mild degenerative narrowing of the ankle mortise medially and laterally. Scattered degenerative changes throughout the right ankle, mid and hindfoot and right forefoot most marked at the first MTP joint. Right clot deformities. Tiny plantar and Achilles calcaneal spurs.

Not sure what "right clot deformities" are though so I'm waiting to talk with the doctor and ask him. In the mean time, I do some extra exercises in the morning and during the day to see if I can help the lymphedema - toe clenches, ankle pumps, gluteal squeezes and a few more.


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@johnbishop Sorry about you lymphedema are you using compression stockings? They help

Thanks @lioness, I do use some compression socks some days but not every day. They are over the calf bamboo fiber mixture, really soft and stretchy, very easy to put on and take off. Of course the doctor thought they weren't good enough. I can't stand the tightness of some of them I have tried. They hurt more than they help from my perspective.

Well, I just got a message on my Mayo patient portal they want to schedule an ultrasound of the lower extremities so I'm guessing they don't think the issue causing the lymphedema is in the ankle.

@johnbishop It could becoming from you back maybe do you have any heart problems? Lung?I hope your Dr.is checking everything ?

@johnbishop Just one step at a time, I suppose. I hope you can get the ultrasound scheduled sooner rather than later! Wishing you well.

@johnbishop Your exercises all sound good. Keep it up. Teresa

Thanks @lioness! I have more problems than Carter's Little Liver Pills can help with ☺ You are probably too young to remember them though. I have high blood pressure which is under control with medication, no lung issues. The doctor has a long checklist for me ☺

Thanks Teresa. I think it will be next week sometime but not sure yet.

I used for 5 years after heart attack.Now practically stopped.Regular Exercise , Yoga , Meditation and Diet control is key to my miracle recovery.