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Lymphedema in legs

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@johnbishop, John:

Thanks for letting us know about the edema and your plans to find some help. I'm glad that you are finding some good exercises to help with that. Looking forward to hearing more about the diagnosis and treatment. I've never had lymphedema myself but several friends have had it after abdominal and/or pelvic surgery where the lymph nodes were affected. I don't suppose that applies to you?

Keep us updated on how you are doing.


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Thanks Teresa @hopeful33250. I don't think mine involves the abdominal or pelvic area but I'm not sure. I was thinking it may be the knee or the ankle due to the surgery on the knee I had back in the 70s to remove some torn cartilage. The surgeon really missed the mark on the knee and cut the wrong side of the knee open and then made the 2 large incisions on the left inner side of the knee to remove the cartilage. I had a spinal tap so was wide awake when he was doing surgery but they had a vertical sheet between my waist and legs so I couldn't see it. What they didn't know was I could see it through the reflection on glass cabinets to the side of the table I was on. I saw the oops and then he peeked around the sheet and told me he cut the wrong side open. Well, I did have it done in South Dakota and there's lots of cowboys there ☺ I love the new patient portal and will be able to see the x-ray once they post it in 48 to 72 hours...not that I can interpret it though.

I will give an update on what they found when they call. The next step if they don't find anything is an ultrasound.


@johnbishop Yes, the knee surgery might have contributed to your current problem - no doubt about that. It will be good to get the results of the test. I just love the patient portal, even if I don't understand it all, it still is great. I'll be praying that you get good results. (I'll try to avoid having surgery in S Dakota).