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Klonopin taper

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I ran short of clonazepam and had to have my GP doctor call in a few days' worth of pills – 4 mg a day, and the pharmacy treated me like a drug addict! Missing a dose(s) of clonazepam is a living hell and I felt like I wanted to die. Insomnia, jitters, etc. So, I've decided to talk to my new Psychiatrist about tapering off clonazepam as I don't want to be addicted to anything, especially something that can cause seizures (and even death) if you go off it too quickly. Tapering MUST be done under a Doctor's supervision and SLOWLY. I've read tapering is done .5 mg every two weeks, then, when you get down to 1 mg. to taper more slowly – 1 mg for 2 weeks, .75 for 2 weeks, .5 for 2 weeks, .25 for 2 weeks, then off if the Doctor sways it's okay. (I am NOT a Doctor). I don't want to be on ANY benzo and will ask about alternative medications that don't make you severely addicted.

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My feeling is that if you need a medication that effectively treats a medical condition (mental conditions are included), it makes sense to take only as much as is necessary.

Addiction is a word that's thrown around too freely today. Needing a medication long term doesn't necessarily equate to addiction. Klonopin at 1mg has worked for me for 12 years. I don't feel any psychological addiction to any of the meds I take, though many people might.

Unfortunately, not only is there a stigma attached to certain illnesses, there's a stigma attached to many medications that serve a legitimate need. Being shamed (not here, thankfully) for taking any particular medication, or for needing a medication, is counterproductive. Antidepressants are a real Godsend, and there should be no guilt or shame associated with taking them. If one antidepressant treats your clinical depression, I say, thank God for it, and who cares what anyone else thinks about it. That's their problem.

Climbing off my soapbox.


Jim, I'm so glad the 1 mg is helpful to you and that's my goal, too, to go from 4 mg daily to 1 mg. Thanks for the good point!


I'm not sure if I really need the Klonopin for anxiety, but I continue taking it for my wife's sake. Without it, I act out my dreams, which could be painful for her. I don't just dream about kicking a ball. I actually kick. That doesn't promote marital harmony.

I can't imagine taking 4mg. I think I'd be a zombie!


You are spot on! I have been told that I can not get a new klonopin script because I also take opiates for my chronic pancreatitis and they are both Central Nervous System depressants and I may stop breathing. My body has been used to both for at least 8 years and I only stop breathing with my sleep apnea and wear a BiPAP for that issue.