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it’s an Aromatase inhibiter, for cancer.

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I AM so sorry you have cancer, and yes, with cancer meds there are a lot of side effects. Do you think that the pain you are getting is too much to handle? I don’t have any expertise in this area, I probably can’t help you, but I have chronic pain and it is no picnic. There isn’t too much the Doctors can do but keep operating on my back to clean out the arthritis and fuse my back, but it is an ongoing saga. I wish the best for you and if you want to talk about the pain you are in, I can listen, but there has to be people in this connect group that is suffering like you, and I hope you hear from one of them. Meanwhile, you can contact me anytime. I know pain. Good Luck.

I hope you find some answers here. I have lots of arthritis in my hands ..sending healing thoughts your way.

Your offer is so lovely– Thank you Maria!No cancer! The drug is taken post op to stay “clean,” free from further influence of estrogen.I’ve also had cervical spine surgery & am totally acquainted with pain. I had a grueling recovery – post op — that took me 2.5 years to get to the other side of the hard pain, thought I couldn’t get through the recovery. I took very few ‘hard’ meds, choosing instead to take a lot of Ibuprofen.  My thought was that it was important to feel the pain, so I can know what’s happening vs masking the pain. I became accustomed to feeling it until I gradually noticed a lessening of it as well as decline in frequency, as I worked  hard and often doing PT and pain management.  Anti-depressants were an option that I chose, because the pain was daunting and breaking me down. I got through it.It’s not easy…  I hope you’re taking advantage of every option for care and support. Never give up!!!

Dear Shenrig, you are so nice to have explained your experience with me. I am here lying in bed ready to go to sleep and you sent me the nicest letter. I am in very bad pain and am being short with my husband and he understands that it is the pain that is talking,not me. I too want to feel the pain but when it gets too bad I have waited too long to take the pain pill and it doesn’t work as well.
I have had 5 back surgeries, felt guilty that I couldn’t do everything with my kids and now I have grandchildren and am thankful I am alive, but I can do even less now and again feel the guilt
I had a knee replacement in April and wonder what else is coming my way. I guess I will accept what life is given me and be thankful because some of the stories I have been reading on this connection are so much worse I should be thankful for my life isn’t so bad after all. Then the pain comes and I am so angry again.
I am so happy we have this forum to connect with other people in similar situations.
My thoughts are with you and hope you stay cancer free and get to enjoy life.

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