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@satafe, thank you for sharing more about your diagnosis and what you are trying for pain management. I would like to invite @janetdh to share her experience with taking cymbalta for RSD/CRPS.

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Sorry couldn’t respond quicker, had little trouble logging in. My psychiatric doctor switched me over from Wellbutrin to Cymbalta when I was diagnosed with CRPS in 2015. Cymbalta has the advantage of also helping to address nerve pain in addition to depression. Of course each of us can interact with medicines and treatments differently, but I have been able to tolerate it. Feedback from the many, many doctors I have visited re: amputation is “don’t do it.” Can make your CRPS much, much worse. (My CRPS was a result of a right ankle fracture that went bad.) I also participate in 2 other on-line sites specifically for CRPS that have found helpful. One is out of the U.K., but has folks all over the globe sharing (6,000+ members). As new symptoms emerge, it has helped me so much to share and see if others have experienced the same. The other is a national group out of Connecticut. Here are sites if you’re interested (Justin, hope it’s o.k. to share.) http://www.crpscommunity.co.uk and RSD/CRPS Friends in Pain (org is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy-A Place for Support-Stop the Burn. May you have a low pain day.

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