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Welcome @carolyn37 and @santafe.

@carolyn37, is the Durst implant an implanted electric stimulator? It is great that it helped with the burning sensations, I think the other members in this group will be happy to hear that. It is unfortunate it only helped slightly with the pain however. Are you currently managing your pain any other ways?

@santafe, if you are comfortable sharing, what happened to your ankle after you took the hardware out? I am no stranger to ankle issues and pain myself as I had end-stage arthritis in both of my ankles and have fused one of them to date (I am putting off the other fusion as long as possible due to the pain and rehab). Now that you have the official diagnosis, what sort of things have your providers suggested to you for managing the pain and symptoms?

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Thanks for your reply. I have tried & continue to try Physical Therapy. Also tried acupuncture, Bowenwork, TENS unit, Egoscue method of excercizes, sympathetic nerve block, meditation and of course medication. Take low doses of Neurontin, Baclofen and Tramadol as well as Ibuprofen. Had been on Cymbalta which caused short term memory loss, impulsivity and anger! OMG! My pain doctor offered a spinal implant, but I want to wait until the "science" is better on this invasive method. I hope your pain is bearable. I had to retire as an RN because of my ankle. But from the ankle patients I remember: some had ankle fusions that provided pain relief and could even walk normally, while many others continued to have ankle pain and used splints and/or walkers or wheelchairs. Have resisted anti-depressants because of my bad experience with Cymbalta. Anyone with thoughts or experiences taking an anti-depressant for CRPS?

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