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CRPS - anyone suffering with complex regional pain syndrome

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Am new to this forum as of today. Friend suggested it as a possible "support system" for me. I developed CRPS 3 years ago after fracturing my Rt ankle on both sides. Had typical ankle repair surgery with hardware, but then needed hardware removed because I couldn't tolerate it – as the pain was tremendous. My whole life changed because of my pain. I was just "officially" diagnosed with CRPS a couple of months ago despite having many of the classic symptoms of it: intense pain lasting longer than 6 months, color and temperature changes to my Rt foot, muscle spasms and atrophy. Had many doctors and physical therapists tell me " I think you might have CRPS" yet none were willing to make the definitive diagnoses. Seemed like they were afraid to but I don't know why. So long story short – I spent almost 3 years thinking "maybe it's all in my head, maybe I'm not trying hard enough to get better, maybe I need to suck it up when it comes to the pain". Feel very cynical when it comes to the medical community now. My ankle pain has spread to just below my knee- like a "knee sock of pain". It has affected all parts of my life: my livelihood (don't have one anymore), financially, emotionally, mentally. I have lost friends and family because of my fluctuating emotions related to pain. I try very hard to keep it all in perspective as I don't want or need anyone's sympathy. CRPS is not a death sentence – however it is a"life sentence" and my goal is keep my mobility for as long as I can and not let CRPS rob me life's joys that are still available to me on a daily basis.

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Hello 👋 nice to see you here. I understand the impact of pain on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It can literally suck the energy from your soul if you aren’t careful. That’s what we’re here for, to remind you what in this world is actually worth the sacrifice of living with the pain.

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