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Yes I do. Could tell you all about it! 19 years I have lived with it!! Perhaps longer! I have Chiari. Every nerve feels like it is on fire when the Chiari decides to flare! You can't even scratch your head or hair! Have had the surgeries at John Hopkins in Baltimore for my Chiari. So nerve damage goes right along with it! The surgeries are not one I choose to remember. Zappers are a everyday occurrence! I like call them shockers or bolts! Sometimes, pain management does not even touch them!

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Horrible ,how do you put up with it your a strong person for sure When I have nerve pain one thing that helps me is a homeopathic it's called Nerve pain formula by Botanic Choice

Hi, I too have the ‘shockers or bolts’. I have noticed that if I up my Pregablin x250 gms, that’s one extra pill a day, then the shocks are more intense so I am wondering if it is the Pregablin that are the cause. I must mention this to my pain doctor when I see him. I haven’t seen him for 3 years but I have only recently made the connection when on a few occasions when I had to take an extra pill at night and I had a few very bad shocks. I felt as though my whole body had jerked if that makes sense.

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