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I don’t claim to know anything about CRPS, but i had chronic pain in my right lower back, hip, leg, knee and ankle for 1.5 years. In December, 2016, I had a laminectomy surgery on my L5-S1 to fix a problem that affected my left lumbar area with acute pain. The surgery stopped the left side pain. I went through PT and pain meds for my right side pain, and nothing helped. I finally decided to try Active Release Therapy (ART) that I read about on Mayo Connect and others said had helped their pain. I had 8 sessions (2 per week) and each week my pain was less. I am almost completely pain free now, and it’s been a month since my last session. I go for a touchup on Monday. This is the best thing I have ever done for my pain. ART involves deep pressure on various muscles while the practitioner moves my limbs in different directions. I use a local chiropractor, Todd Andrews, who is also certified as an ART and sports medicine practitioner. He also uses laser therapy to warm and relax the muscles. The theory behind this therapy is that your muscles get bound together with your nerves, and they have to be released in order for the pain to dissapate. I am amazed that after 1.5 years of constant excruciating pain, I am now only having a little pain at night when I sleep. I can handle that! I recommend that you check out this therapy for your daughter. Best of luck, Gail B.

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Thank you Gail – my daughter goes twice a week for PT and sounds just like what she has done to her – it helps but the CRPS keeps hitting her body so relief is temporary. I’ll ask her if it referred to as ART. she now has Esophageal Spasms leading into stomach and now taking special blood pressure meds which can help slow or stop the spasms….it appears the CRPS is attacking many parts of her body… but she is a fighter… praying somewhere out there is a pill to slow or reverse this ugly disease.

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