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Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group

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I know very little about medical marijuana but I know that because it is still NOT legal by the Federal government, NIH and others may not do research on the value of it in the treatment of various diseases. I went to a presentation by a highly regarded internist in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and he mentioned that there were a few areas where the use of medical marijuana had shown some promise, one of which was PN. I spoke with him afterward and he thought i would be a good candidate. In my state it is legal and you first need to apply for an identification card (which verifies that you are a resident of state). Once that is in hand you can go to a dispensary to get marijuana in different forms and be guided by those in the dispensary. Or, as I prefer, go to a doctor who has been registered to prescribe medical marijuana. You pay a fee, they do a brief history and physical and guide you on what to take and I believe follow your progress. i am awaiting my id. so am just beginning the process but will be happy to share my experience.

To move forward on research, Federal legalization is necessary. Never thought I would be an advocate but my mind is certainly open to that possibility.

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I found a State registered prescribing Dr who qualified me for a medical marijuana license. That cost $250. Then I visited my local dispensery and paid $212 (after 25% discount for new customer) to walk out the door with 2 bottles of oil. 2 weeks later I needed to reorder the THC dominant oil then the following week needed to reorder the CBD dominant oil. Another approx $250 as now the discount is only 15%. Good news is that same day delivery to door is built in to overall cost. As I understand it, my cost should decrease once I find an acceptable dose and can streamline products to be cost-effective. Its a very expensive endeavor but I chose this way in order to eliminate my second guessing and to benefit from an experienced pharmacist.

Good afternoon @aponce, this is a well written and knowledgeable post. Thank you. I know that medical cannabis has been a good alternative for pain management, at least with my small fiber neuropathy (SFN) and Chronic Myofascial Pain. And you are correct, research efforts will have to wait for the federal government. The other thing that legalization will do is ensure that all medical cannabis products submit to regulator approval for consistency and prescribing accuracy. I join you in becoming an advocate. Chris